Multitracker is the ultimative playback tool for live bands who need to play tracks on different outputs. For example a click track on channel 1, a keyboard track on channels 2 and 3 and a percussion track on channels 4 and 5.

Arrange your songs in playlists. After each song the player stops and waits for the user to start the next (per option).


Without Audio Hardware you can use just 2 Outputs. Just route your tracks to Left and/or Right channel


With Audio Hardware the number of outputs depends on the hardware. 
With more than two outputs on your hardware you have accordingly more channels.


- iOS 9.0 and above

- any Class Compliant audio-Interface can be used

- supports simultaneous use of Phones-Output and USB-Interface

  on iOS <10.0 or iOS 10.2 and above

- each song consists of an unlimited number of tracks with configurable

  volumes and output-channels
- songs can be arranged in savable playlists
- after a song ended the program waits for the user to start the next (on cue)
- no load times between songs

- fast forward or rewind with slider bar
- unlimited number of tracks per song
- Audio Formats: wav, multichannel wav, aiff, mp3, all formats wich are supported by iPad
- a Counter shows remaining and past time of a song
- a Midi Controller can be assigned to Start/Stop the songs
- Live View with extra big Start/Stop Buttons
- 3 free Demo Songs to play around with are included

- Multitracker runs in background

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